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Friday, January 13, 2017

Thursday 1-12 Laugh, Dance and Have Fun

We had an outstanding day! We started out by having a couple of small sausage wraps for breakfast. Our first dance of the day was at Tropic Star, it was an A2 Workshop at 10:00 with Joe Saltel. The first dance of the day is normally a doughnut dance but if it's a workshop the caller doesn't bring doughnuts. On the way to the workshop we stopped by Shipley Donuts for our doughnut fix, bought a dozen doughnut holes. Once again this week we had three squares plus two extra couples. Joe went over moves people were having trouble with and other moves in different positions such as Acey Deucey from diamond formations. Tropic Star is a beautiful facility with laminate floors, they run the ceiling fans all the time, we have been told that due to the high humidity and the room being so large if they don't keep the fans running the floor will expand and buckle. There is no heat in the hall so this morning it was a bit cool and the ceiling fans made it seem even cooler. One of our friends told us the hall has been so cold that everyone had to dance in coats Fortunately it seldom gets that cold way down here in the valley.

At 2:00 we went over to El Valle Del Sol for an A2 Dance with Bronc Wise. He had 10 squares. We had a super time dancing. He called some calls we went over this morning with Joe. When the squares were having trouble with a move he walked us through it. One example was Crossfire from a diamond. He called eight tips.

When we got home I took Flo for a walk. On the way back to the Minnie she was having troubles and decided to rest at a neighbor's place. Larry saw I was having trouble getting her home so he came over and got her to continue to the Minnie. When we got back she decided to stay outside for a little while to rest. She saw I was fixing dinner so she decided to come inside.

We stayed home this evening. After dinner I baked cookies (Oatmeal Scotties). This made the Minnie warm so Flo went back outside to cool off so I went out with her. While we were outside Larry came back from taking a shower. Then I went over and took a shower. When I got back Flo was inside. Larry finished reading another book on the Kindle and he started another one. I played my daily Solitaire challenges and did some Sudoku. We had a great day.          

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