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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2-29 Square Dancing with The Sundancers

Brad Caldwell calling at The Sundancers Dance
We started the day by doing some errands. From the time we moved into the new house Larry has been keeping the back window open an inch or two to allow fresh air to flow into the house. The only time we close it is when we're not going to be around for a day or more. He decided that to help keep the dust and other stuff out of the house he needed some type of a filter to put in the opening . We went to The Home Depot and bought a a couple of things to do this project and we also bought some pieces for a experiment Larry wants to do with our sprinkler system. On the way home we stopped by Academy, remember last week I told you about smoking our own brisket. Larry has been doing some research on why our wood chips didn't smoke. He found out they simply did not get hot enough, they were too far from the fire and with our grill this would be difficult to overcome, however, lot's of people had the same issue and found that by using a device and wood pellets they could get their gas grills to work as smokers. He also watched a couple of videos on how to use them. We stopped by Academy to see if they have any pellets. They had a big bag of pellets but we really didn't want that big of bag so we didn't buy it. We're going on a little camping trip and we needed a few things to take with us so we stopped at HEB. After doing our shopping we went home.

Putting the corners on the screen frame
Installing the screen to the frame

Trimming the extra screen off
The finished product with a filter attached to the screen
After lunch Larry worked on a couple of projects. First he worked on building a filter for the back window. He built a frame by cutting the screen fame bar to size and putting the corners in the frame. Then he measured out the screen and installed the screen in the frame using spline. Then using Velcro he attached a sheet of charcoal filter material to the frame. When this was finished he installed it in the back window. It looks great. The second project was trying out the new sprinkler pieces we bought and to see how it works, he ended up getting pretty wet.

There are also projects that he does at the beginning of each month, he adds bleach to the septic system, charges the boat battery and backs up the computer to the web, he did all of these today while I read and took pictures.

Billy Ray and Tea enjoying the dance
Our friends having fun
Dan having a great time dancing
Larry dancing with friends
Jody, Adam, Betty and Howard round dancing in between tips
Lynn and Terry round dancing
Friends having fun
Friends enjoying dancing to Brad calling
Larry having fun dancing with Tea
 In the evening we went to Sun City to dance with the Sundancers. This week the workshop was a plus workshop. Brad had us doing Follow Your Neighbor from different positions. It was challenging and could be very confusing. I had trouble remembering which arm to use when turning. At the end of the dance he called a DBD plus tip and a advance tip. We had a super time dancing with the Sundancers.            

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