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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

6-9 Getting Ready for Boating

Our truck and boat

It's summertime and now it's time to get the boat ready so we can go boating. The recent rain has filled up or over filled most of the lakes in Texas, all the ramps on Lake Belton are closed due to the rain and the construction they're doing on the dam. They're suppose to be finished with the construction on June 10th and then they will start to release the water. We won't be able to use Lake Belton for awhile but if we want to we can use Stillhouse Hollow Lake, which is a few miles south of Lake Belton. So today we decided to get the boat ready for summer. Larry dewinterized it by starting it up and then Larry and I cleaned in interior including the rug. While we were doing this Flo kept us company and when she got hot she went inside to cool off. It took us all morning and now the boat is ready for our fun time on the lake.

Spraying the carpet with cleaner
Scrubbing the carpet with a mop

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