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Friday, June 19, 2015

6-18 Beach Party Dance

New Electrical Box in Garage Closet
Today Larry installed a new electrical box in the garage closet where the water heater and air conditioner are. The water in the kitchen takes about a minute to get hot and Larry wants to put in a water heat pump so the water will get hotter faster but he didn't have an electrical outlet for it to plug into. Yesterday when we were at The Home Depot we picked up an electrical box and screws for the new electrical box. First he cut a hole in the wall with a sheet rock knife. Next he fed the electrical wire through the breaker box to the hole. Then he installed the electrical box onto the wire. Once this was done he installed the wire to the breaker box. Then he put the cover over the electrical box and closed up the breaker box. Now the new electrical box is ready to go when we get a pump.

The finished hole for the electrical box

Modifying the electrical box

Putting the electrical box in the hole

Installing the electrical outlet
Installing the wire to the breaker
In the evening Larry and I went square dancing with our club (Central Texas Lone Stars), it was our Beach Party Dance. People at the dance wore beach clothes and the club provided the food. We had small wieners in barbecue sauce, potato salad, ham, turkey, bread, cookies, cheese, crackers, pretzels, bell peppers and pina colada cake. We had enough people for three squares and everyone had a great time dancing to Dale Smith calling.

Larry dancing with friends

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