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Saturday, June 13, 2015

6-13 Back to the 50s Dance

Boat Platform
Larry has been busy all day with little jobs around the house. He treated for weeds that he missed the last time he treated, climbed onto the roof to install gutter strainers, worked on a couple of sprinkler heads and oiled the platform of the boat. The gutter strainers are a stainless steel spring that catches leaves and helps preventing the gutters from clogging up, one of the springs were too big so he had to cut it down to fit in the gutter. He put four coats of Teak oil on the platform, this took awhile because he had to wait an hour or two between coats. While Larry was doing his little chores I worked on my jig saw puzzle and baked dessert to take with us to Denim and Lace dance while Flo sunned and slept.

Putting teak oil on the boat's platform
Platform baking in the sun between coats of oil
Modifying the gutter strainers
Gutter Strainers
In the evening Larry and I went to dance with Denim and Lace's Back to the 50s Dance. There were enough people for three squares. Six ladies wore poodle skirts and one wore a pink Cadillac.

Outfits Larry and I wore to the dance
Larry square dancing with our friends

Denise Kamp calling the dance
Sis showing off her poodle skirt

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