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Thursday, June 11, 2015

6-10 Jig Saw Puzzles

Vintage Number Puzzle by Mega Puzzles

I finished my Vintage Number puzzle late last night, it took me almost two weeks to complete it. The puzzle was a lot more challenging than I expected but it was fun. Now it's time for a new puzzle adventure. I haven't taken Flo for a walk in weeks so before lunch I took her to the lake. We didn't need to walk as far as normal, because of the high water level the parking lot was under water. The road between Temple Lake Park and the boat ramp is also under water. Flo swam with a family of five and had a great time. By the time we got home we were gone for an hour and Flo was exhausted.

Flo's new friends getting ready to float

Flo swimming in the lake

Arrowhead Point Boat Dock

Since all of the boat ramps on Lake Belton are closed Larry and I drove over to Stillhouse Hollow Lake to check their ramps. We decided it was a perfect spot to launch the boat. While there Larry tried to buy a year pass to use the Corp of Engineers parks but their system was down so he got a pass at Live Oak Ridge Park on Belton. Now we're all set for going boating this summer. When we were in town we stopped by Walmart and picked up a couple more puzzle. We got two 1000 pieces puzzles by Ceaco, they are color pencils and cactus. When we got home Larry got the sprinkler system started and I decided to start the cactus puzzle.

The Two New 1000 Piece Puzzles

In the evening we went square dancing with the Shirts 'n' Skirts club in Georgetown. This week they had five squares and we had a super time.

Jerry Pate, Paula Ferguson and Brad Caldwell Round Dancing

Lucy and Jerry Pate Round Dancing to Lucy's Recording

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