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Sunday, June 28, 2015

6-27 Red White and Blue Dance

Red White and Blue Dance Outfits
When we woke up this morning it was raining. We had planned to go to Louise's and work on her back door but the rain kept us from doing that. After I finished the color pencils puzzle I started reading Presumed Innocent, a novel written by Scott Turow and I finished it today, it was very well written.

In the evening Larry and I went square dancing in Eddy with the Denim and Lace Club for their Red, White and Blue Dance in celebration of the Fourth of July. There were enough people for two squares and they had hot dogs and the fixings, chips, peanuts, potato salad, watermelon, cookies and pecan pie. Denise Kamp did the calling and Dorothy Coleman did the cuing.

Bob and Micky taking pictures

Dancing with my friends

Line Dancing to Dorothy cuing

Square Dancing to Denise calling

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