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Monday, June 1, 2015

5-31 Washing and Waxing the Minnie

Washing the Minnie
Wow!!! The rain has finally stopped and for the last four days Larry has been working on washing and waxing the Minnie, I have helped him when he needed it. We haven't washed and waxed the Minnie in a long time and while we were on our trip we drove through rain and killed a lot of bugs. . The first day it was very humid and overcast so Larry scrubbed all the bugs off. While he was doing this Flo and I kept him company, he had to stop when it started to rain. The next day we went back outside and Larry continued washing the Minnie. It was so filthy Larry ended up washing it twice and by the time he finished washing it he was exhausted. He applied the wax with a little buffing wheel and then we wiped the dried wax off. We ended up doing one side and called it a day, it was too hot and humid. Today it was cool so went back to waxing the Minnie, we worked on it for over three hours. The only thing left is the front section above the cab, we will do it tomorrow.

washing the front of the Minnie

washing the roof

washing around the awning poles

cleaning the door frame

washing the side of the Minnie

washing the wheels

Flo keeping us company

waxing the top of the Minnie with a buffer

buffing the bottom of the Minnie

Friday, I fertilized the yard while Larry was washing the Minnie. Today was a beautiful day so when we finished waxing the Minnie Larry and I decided to treat for bugs. We had very busy day. 

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