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Friday, June 12, 2015

6-11 First Day of Boating

Square Dancing with the Coryell County Squares Club
Wow I can't believe we finally put the boat in the water this morning usually we're boating in May. Larry and I spend most of the summer on the lake water skiing, wake boarding, air chairing, wake surfing and floating. We launched the boat on Stillhouse Hollow Lake about 9:00 and flew the Air Chair. Stillhouse is a small lake and has a lot of trees in it so we are limited to a small area to do our water sports. There was a breeze which made the lake rough and a smaller area to use. We were on the lake about an hour and had fun. The boat ramp was very good with four lanes to use to launch boats and the dock was useable to pick up and drop off people. The wind was blowing just hard enough that it was challenging getting to the dock and putting the boat on the trailer. I had trouble getting to the dock to drop Larry off so he showed me what to do. Once he explained what to do I put the boat on the trailer without a problem. When we got home Flo was waiting for us in Larry's workroom. She was one happy dog.

Round Dancing to a record

Getting ready to square dance to Ed Larder

Lu Ann doing the right and left grand

Billy courtesy turning his wife Cindy

In the evening Larry and I went up to Gatesville and danced with the Coryell County Squares Club. There were enough people there for three squares. We had a lot of delicious food. We had a great time dancing and visiting with our square dancing friends.  

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