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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6-23 June Seeds Program Items

Reviewing Products from The Home Depot
This month Larry ordered five more items on The Home Depot Seeds Program to review, they were GE LED bright Stik, Philips Silicone Covered Twister, 2' X 4' 1/2 inch Poplar Plywood, Tool Holder and Ecosmart LED Soft White. He received the tool holder last last night and installed it today. While he was waiting for the holder he did a little research on it and found out some people were unhappy with it, seems the attachment that holds the tools will eventually break if you put a big handle tool on it. After installing it, which didn't take too long he put some of our small handle tools on it. By hanging the tool holder it made the area a little neater. A little later this afternoon he received his last item, the Ecosmart LED Soft White 3 way LED Bulb, now he just needs to write up the reviews on the items. Good luck.

GE Led Bright Stik bulbs

Philips Silicone Covered Twister

Poplar Plywood

Tool Holder
Ecosmart LED Soft White
In the evening we watched our new dvd, Kingsman The Secret Service starring Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Cane. We weren't too impressed, not sure we will ever watch it again.

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