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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6-8 Making Homemade Ice Cream

Making Ice Cream
Larry and I are still recuperating from our three days of square dancing so today we took things easy. In the morning we put the Minnie back in storage and did a few errands. Larry worked on putting a couple small hinges on fans that are from the Minnie. He was a little disappointed on how they fit but I know he'll figure something out and make them work. While he did this I worked on my jig saw puzzle and later worked out on the WII. Flo went outside to sun, when she got hot she came inside and slept. The other day Larry asked if we could make ice cream, when we were in town we picked up what I needed. Tonight I got the ice cream maker out, poured Junket Ice Cream mix into the medal container and added a cup of half and half and a cup of heavy whipping cream per box of Junket. After the mix was chilled for about 30 minutes I put the container in the machine and added a cup of cold water in the machine. I plugged in the machine and as the machine was running I added a layer of ice with a half of cup of rock salt on top of the ice and repeated the ice and salt until it was to the top of the maker. I put a cup of cold water on top the the ice. Then we waited for the ice cream to finish being made, took about 35 minutes. When the machine turned off I put the ice cream in a container and then into the freezer. Ended up making two batches, one vanilla and one chocolate. I like the chocolate while Larry prefers vanilla. While the ice cream was freezing we rented a DVD (Thor) on amazon. After the movie we had a little ice cream.

The Ice Cream Maker

Making Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream

The finished product

Making Very Vanilla Ice Cream
Texas Square and Round Festival video.

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