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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6-16 Building a New Shelf

New Shelf in the Garage
Larry found another house project, adding a new shelf in the garage. When we moved in the house a little over a year ago Larry and I built a couple of shelves and modified a couple in the garage. We ran out of space and the stuff on the existing shelves looked cluttered Larry decided he needed another shelf. So off to The Home Depot we went to buy the material we needed, which were four upright brackets, four support brackets and a 8' shelf. Once back at the house we started our new project. Larry measured where the brackets were going to be and started to install the upright brackets to studs when he realized that the shelf was going to be a couple of inches too short, back to The Home Depot we went. We returned the 8' shelf and got a 12' shelf and had them cut it down to the size we wanted. While there we picked up a couple more brackets, another upright and support. When we got home Flo was very excited to see us. After saying hi to her Larry and I went back to our project. When it was finished the shelf came out perfect and if we need to we can easily add one more shelf.

Looking for the studs

Drilling a hole before putting the bracket up

Tightening up the screws in the brackets
In the evening we finished watching The Last Tango in Halifax second season. While watching television we saw a couple of fawns and young cottontails in our backyard. We have seen a lot of deer in Texas, people have asked us if we ever get tired of watching the deer and we always answer with no.

The two fawns

The young cottontails

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