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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6-22 Jig Saw Puzzles

Doing Jig Saw Puzzles
Today I finished my sixth jig saw puzzle, it is titled color pencils. It wasn't as challenging as the other five and it only took a few days to complete. The puzzles were made by three different companies Buffalo, Mega and Ceaco and while I had fun doing all of them I decided that I preferred the Buffalo Puzzles. The Buffalo brand pieces fit together better, they come with a poster that helps you with the assembly of the puzzle. I complained to Larry that the Buffalo puzzles boxes sides were glued to the bottom so when you opened the box you had to cut around the edges and it left pieces of the box still on the glue. The Mega puzzles and Ceaco puzzles boxes were sealed so when you cut around the edge you had to be careful that you didn't cut all the way through the sides of the bottom and this made the boxes very flimsy. One thing I did like about the package of the Mega puzzles and the Ceaco puzzles were that the pieces were in a sealed bag. All the puzzles I did were challenging and had great color to them. The Buffalo puzzles do cost a bit more than the Mega and Ceaco puzzles. 

Color Pencils Puzzle

Both the Cactus and Color Pencils puzzles when they were done
In the evening Larry and I went to Sun City with Jan and Skip to square dance with the Sundancers. Our friends LuAnn, Dalbert, Harold and Connie from the TIPS Club were also at the dance. This was their first time at Sun City and I believe they had a great time. There were enough people for eight squares for mainstream and five for plus. Brad Caldwell had computer problems so the last tips he had to sing and call without music. He did a super job.

Square Dancing with the Sundancers

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