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Thursday, June 18, 2015

6-17 Staying Dry

It's raining again!!!!!

It rained on and off all day, we spent most of the day inside. Larry decided to install a electrical plug in the room where the water heater and heater are so off to The Home Depot to get the parts we needed, this time we took Flo with us. On the way home we stopped to get our mail and to shop for stuff to take with us Thursday when our club has it's Beach Dance. When we got home Larry decided to put off the electrical box project and to work on installing a new battery in our tablet. The battery in our tablet hasn't held a charge in a long time and technically the battery is not replaceable but Larry searched around on the web and figured out how to disassemble it, by taking it apart he figured out what the battery was but to get a new one he had to order it from China. He has been waiting for it to come for about a month and it finally came in this morning. While we were in town we picked it up at the UPS Store. First he had to take out the other battery and then solder the new one in the tablet. While he was doing this I worked out. 

After dinner it was still raining so we decided not to go square dancing instead we streamed The Avengers.

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