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Monday, June 29, 2015

6-28 Install Front Shocks in the Minnie

Install Front Shocks
Larry was busy this morning. He started the day by replacing the front shocks on the Minnie. When he needed my help I helped him. He put the Minnie on jack stands, removed the old shocks, decompressed the new shocks in order to install them, tightened down the nuts and bolts and once the shocks were installed he lowered the Minnie. It was very humid so when he finished he was exhausted and his shirt was soaked with sweat.

decompressing a shock

installing a shock

putting the Minnie on jack stands

the old shocks
The next project was working on a leak on the roof of the Minnie. During our vacation it rained really hard a few times and we didn't have any leaks so Larry thought he had finally fixed the leak but while the Minnie was sitting at the house it rained and the roof leaked again. After installing the front shocks Larry climbed up on the roof to work on the leak. He figures that it is most likely leaking where the antenna wire goes in through the roof, to test this theory he made a patch out of a compacter bag and taped it down with Gorilla tape. If this stops the leak he will then do a more permanent repair. I have confidence that it will work.

resealing leak on the roof
It has been very humid and Flo has been pestering me about taking her to the lake so I gave into her after lunch. The flood gate has been opened all week and the lake is slowly going down but the parking lot of the boat ramp is still under water and the ramps on the lake are still closed. Flo and I walked around the gate and went to the water. When she gets near the lake she gets very excited and picks up her pace. She swam a lot and met a few people. We were gone for an hour and had a fun time.

Flo wading in Belton Lake

bushes by the parking lot under water

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