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Sunday, June 21, 2015

6-20 Installing Water Heater Pump

Water Heater Pump
We didn't have anything really to do today so we loaded Flo into the car and headed to downtown Belton. Every third Saturday on the month Belton has Markets Days, the city closes a couple of streets around the court house and vendors put up booths to sell their wares. Every Saturday from mid May to September 30 they also have a Farmers Market where local farmers sell their fruit and vegetables to the public. Larry and I walked around downtown Belton and looked at the stuff that was being sold. We did buy three raffle tickets for $5 to help raise money for a group of local boys to go to a bass tournament. Larry had read that there was a car show at Lowe's so we drove by to see what was happening but there were only a couple cars, later is the day Larry saw the hours of the show in the paper and discovered we had been there too early but by then it was too late to go back. In the afternoon USPS delivered our new water heater pump so Larry installed it. The easy part was installing the pump on the water heater but connecting the valve under the kitchen sink took some time. Once he got the valve and pump installed he set the timer on the pump so it won't run all the time to help keep the electric bill down. Now we have hot warm instantly instead of waiting for about a minute. Thank you honey.

Installing the valve under the sink in the kitchen

The valve Larry installed

The finished product
In the evening we streamed a few shows. We watched Limited Partnership on Independence Lens, this was about a guy couple, Richard and Toni and the struggle they went through the forty years they were together. The next show was Crafted, which was about five artists, 2 knife makers, 2 chiefs and 1 pottery maker and their craft. We enjoyed both of these shows. The last one was an episode of The Escape Artist, which is about a defense lawyer.

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