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Saturday, June 27, 2015

6-26 Relaxing Day

When we woke up this morning and the wind was blowing so we decided not to go to the lake. We didn't have anything pressing on our agenda. Flo was pestering us to go some place so we loaded her up into the car and off we went to town. Larry has been wanting a couple of plumbing parts for the Minnie, he had used his backup parts when he fixed the toilet and he wanted to replace them just in case he needed them when we were on the road but he hasn't been in a hurry to get them. We stopped at Sunbelt RV and picked up the parts, while we were there Larry asked them if they could recommend any place that works on front ends of Class C RVs. They called a place and asked if they did alignments on RVs and they were told they didn't have the equipment. After they got off the phone they suggested a place in Troy. Larry thought that Ponder Automotive in Temple works on big trucks and maybe they could work on our Minnie. When we got home Larry called them and they said it depends on how heavy it was. Larry decided when we were ready to have the Minnie worked on we'll probably take it by Ponder and see if they can do the work.

On our way home from our Spring Trip a front shock absorber on the Minnie broke. We were in the middle of nowhere and hit a bump and all of a sudden something started making a bunch of noise. We pulled into a truck stop and after crawling around under the motor home Larry finally discovered the broken shock, he decided to remove it and fix it when we got home. When he went to order new front shocks he discovered they were on back order, he tried all kinds of places and everyone had them on back order. He went ahead and ordered from the same company we had gotten them from a few years ago, the company said they would ship June 20th, a few days ago he wrote them an email asking about a status and they replied they would not be available until August. The next day he had decided to order other shocks when he was notified that the shocks had shipped. So today we received an e-mail that said we had a package at the UPS Store he knew it was the shocks so back to town we went. Now Larry has a new Minnie Project to do.

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