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Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunday 7-30 Day to Recuperate

Recuperating after a busy weekend

We're back at the house after a spectacular DBD dancing weekend. We're exhausted but we had a great time dancing and visiting with friends. We got home a little after noon. We spent the day recuperating. We watched a couple episodes of GizWiz and caught up on the YouTube videos we follow. I watered my flowers.

As I was watering the flowers I got a little depressed, my flowers didn't look good. I have been watching the flowers grow from seed for 56 days and they were looking good before we went on our trip. I think the heat is getting to them considering for the last month they have been fighting the temperatures of high 90's and low 100's. Even if the flowers don't make it it has been fun watching them grow. If I plant flowers next year I'll plant them earlier in the spring.

In the evening we watched a 1999 movie called Wild Wild West starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline. After the movie we watched an Amazon Pilot for a series called Oasis based off Michael Faber's 2014 novel. We had a very relaxing evening in front of the television. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!  

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