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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Saturday 7-8 Another 100 Degree Day

It's hot!!!!

It got up to 102 degrees here at the house. 

I woke up a little earlier than normal considering I went to bed at 11:30 instead of 1:00. We had breakfast and then got ready to go to the lake. Before leaving we looked out the back window and saw that there wasn't any wind but by the time we got to the lake the wind had come up. The wind didn't seem too bad but the lake was rough. The parking lot was almost full with fishing boat trailers, there were only a couple spaces left to park. After parking the trailer Larry went to the dock for me to pick him up, like always he had to wait a little considering I put up the Bimini top before picking him up. He got aboard and I drove to the middle of the lake. The lake was just as rough as yesterday but we didn't feel like doing anything so we floated around in the boat and when we got warm we swam. We were at the lake for an hour.

A rough day on Belton Lake

Having fun floating in the lake

We were back at the house by 10:00. I did some more laundry and worked on my puzzle and Larry read. When it was time for lunch I heated up the leftover baby back ribs and we had some macaroni salad we had bought at Aldi the other day. After lunch I did some cooking. Tomorrow we're going to Briarcliff to dance and I usually bring something for dessert so I baked chocolate chips cookie dough brownies to take with us. I also made potato salad for our adventure. I usually use Russet potatoes but this time I decided to use red potatoes. Once it was chilled we tasted it and it did taste a little different, actually quite good.

After lunch I went back to working on my puzzle, a couple hours later I decided to start working on my annual book for this year. I'm using a new program so it's a little challenging but I'm having fun.

We watched our YouTube videos.

For dinner I made HEB Jalepeno cheddar cheese and sausage poppers on the grill. I usually cook them directly on the grill but today I decided to cook them on the pizza pan. They cooked more evenly and I think they tasted better. After dinner we watched four episodes on Detective Lewis on the Roku. We had a relaxing evening and a very good day.

Jalepeno cheddar cheese and sausage poppers 


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