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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Saturday 7-1 Starting of a New Month

Welcome to July

This morning started out with a bit of wind and by mid morning we had some light rain that stuck around until lunchtime.

Yesterday, I decided on my next puzzle to assemble but didn't get around to starting it. This morning I started separating the pieces. I separated the frame pieces from the rest of the pieces and tried to separate the rest by colors. When I finished doing this Larry helped by starting to assemble the frame. I worked on and off the puzzle all day.

The puzzle pieces separated and waiting to be assembled

Larry helping by putting the frame pieces together

Every year I write a book about our adventures throughout the year. The company that prints my book is called Blurb, I have always used their BookSmart program to write my books. Over the years they have continued to improve the program but this year they announced a new program called BookWrite. Larry downloaded and installed it for me. They have 10 short YouTube videos explaining how to use BookWrite and while Larry was working on the puzzle I watched the videos. After watching the videos the program sounds more user friendly and I'm excited about using it this year.

After watching the videos it was time to make lunch. What should we have? How about a pizza cooked on the grill. I turned on the grill and put the temperature gauge in the grill so I could monitor the temperature. I put the cast iron pizza pan on the grill to get it hot. Once the grill got to temperature I put the frozen pizza on the pizza pan. I cooked it for 24 minutes and I removed it from the grill by using the pizza peel. The pizza came out a little crunchy but it tasted great. Next time I'll just cook it 22 minutes. I really enjoy using the pizza pan and pizza peel. 

The finished pizza on the pizza peel

During lunch Larry received an e-mail from the UPS Store that said a package was waiting for us. Once the rain stopped and the roads dried up we went to town. The package was the gears for the boat trailer jack. When we got home Larry worked on replacing the gears. As he was doing this he noticed where the gears went in the jack one of the sides was bent. He removed the jack from the trailer and straightened the frame back in place then he decided he would drill a hole and put a bolt in it so it wouldn't bend again. He didn't have the correct bolt so we went back to town to Ace Hardware and bought a couple of bolts. When we got back to the house Larry finished his boat project.

Old gears
New gears

Larry replacing the gears on the trailer

When Larry was doing the boat project I decided it was time to get back to working out on the WiiFit. I hadn't worked with it for about a week. I worked out with Just Dance for forty-five minutes.

When it was time for dinner I barbecued a rack of baby back ribs, they were really good. In the evening we rented a movie from Amazon called John Wick. It was a action movie but I wasn't impressed. I usually like action movies but this one had way too much violence and blood. After the movie we watched Dr. Blake Mysteries on PBS. We had a busy day just hanging around the house. 

The ribs waiting to be cut and eaten 

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