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Friday, July 21, 2017

Thursday 7-20 Fun Day

Just having fun

The day started out with a little wind but it didn't stop us from going to the lake. The lake was a little rough so we waked surfed and floated. Larry had lengthened the wake plate he built and we wanted to see how it worked. We have a cruise control called Perfect Pass and we have it programmed for the speed of each water sport we do and for each of us. This morning I had the cruise set for surfing at 10.5 mph but when I got Larry out the water the cruise control had turned off, I was pulling him about 12 mph when I realized what had happened so I turned the system back on. When he got finished with his first run he asked me to set the speed to 11 mph because it felt good at that speed. He also asked me to shorten the rope so he could see how the plate modification worked with a shorter rope. When he finished his second run it was my turn to surf. I got up but I was out of control, I was all over the place, I didn't have my feet in the right position on the surf board. When I fell and Larry came back to pick me up he said I looked good surfing. I told him I was out of control the whole time. He pulled me up a second time this time my feet were to close to the front so down I went. He pulled me again the third time was a charm, I wake surf a long time and my legs and arms weren't tired. We think the modification worked out super.

Larry wake surfing

When we got home I mowed the front yard, every other week we have a mowing crew come in and mow the entire yard and the week in between is my week to mow the front yard. Before I mowed Larry lowered the mower so it could cut the grass shorter. The mower kept cutting out on me so Larry readjusted the mower up a notch. I had no problems on the other side of the yard. While I was mowing Larry blew off the front porch, the driveway and the garage. By the time we finished doing our yard work we were hot so we went inside to cool off and have lunch.

After lunch I did laundry, vacuumed the house, cleaned the bathrooms and mopped the floors. Then I worked a little on my puzzle and did my daily challenges. Larry read his book.

Doing chores

For dinner I made salads and I had a half of a jalapeno and cheese salmon pattie. Larry and Patrica showed up at 5:15 and we all went to Sun City to dance "A" with the Sundancers. We had exactly enough for two squares. The tapes were very challenging and we had a ball dancing. We had a fun day even though it was busy.  

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