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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wednesday 7-12 A Trip to the Oral Surgeon

Larry had a root canal and a crown put on a tooth many years ago and it has been deteriorating for awhile. Back in March he went to see an oral surgeon who said it needed to come out. We were getting ready to leave on our spring trip so he decided to wait until we got home to have the tooth removed. While we were on our trip a different tooth on the other side of his mouth started bothering him, when we got home he ended up getting a root canal on that tooth. A couple weeks ago our dentist put a temporary crown on it and scheduled him to get the permanent crown tomorrow, something went wrong and the crown is not ready so today the appointment was rescheduled until next week. Well, a few days ago when Larry was flossing half of the tooth that was deteriorating came out. He called the oral surgeon and setup an appointment for this morning. The oral surgeon pulled the rest of the tooth and now he has a big hole where the tooth was. He was already having problems eating because the temporary crown on the one side was a bit too low to allow him to chew correctly so he was mostly chewing on the other side, now the tooth on the other side was removed. Poor Larry he has to be careful eating until next week when he gets the crown put on.

Going to the dentist

On the way home from the dentist we swung by Walmart and picked up Larry's prescriptions for the pain and a rinse to keep the hole clean. While I was eating lunch Larry received an e-mail that said we had a package waiting for us at The UPS Store so back to town we went. Larry can't eat anything solid for a couple of days so after we picked up the package we stopped by HEB to get something for him to drink. 

Last week Larry was notified through an e-mail that a new Roku was on sale for a great price. We have had our Roku for over five years so he ordered a new one (Roku Premiere +). That was the package that was waiting for us at The UPS Store. When we got back to the house Larry installed the new Roku. We never realized how slow our old one was until the new one was installed. The colors on the television are brighter and the menu is a little different. It streams HD and 4K pictures. It works great.

Roku Premiere

While Larry installed the new Roku I worked on my puzzle.

In the evening we met up with Louis at Walmart and he drove to Allemande Hall for A dancing with the TIPS Club. We had enough people for a square and an extra two couples. We danced to more complex calls so we broke down a little more but we still had a great time. Smile and be happy.

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