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Thursday, June 9, 2016

6-8 Backup Camera for Louise

Reading is fun
I'm excited, I finished reading Dan Brown's Inferno this afternoon, it was 612 pages long. I think this was the biggest book I have read in my life. It was a great book. Larry ordered it via paperback swap and we received it a couple days later. I wanted to read Inferno because I really like Dan Brown and they have already made the book into a movie that is coming out soon.

Jacking up Louise's Car
Trying to figure out how to wire the car
Feeding the wire along the frame by the driver's seat
The monitor for the backup camera
Finishing up wiring the camera
The backup camera just above the license plate
Early this morning Louise and Autumn came to the house. Louise wanted a backup camera for her car. She says she had problems backing out of parking spaces and down her drive. Larry ordered her a camera from Amazon. It arrived the other day and Larry called her to let her know. She was off work yesterday and today. Larry told her to come early before it got hot, she arrived at the house around 9:00. She has a Hyundi hatchback so before Larry ordered the camera he did some research on what camera to get. He tried to look at a YouTube videos but there were not any on her car which was a bit of a surprise. Larry worked on installing the camera until about 1:00. It took him awhile to find a way to feed the wires from the dash to the taillight. He had to route the wires down the dash, along the inside frame at the bottom of her driver and passenger side doors, then up around the back seat, from there along the plastic all the way to the back of the car, then he had to grind a small groove under the hatch back seal to feed the wire to the tail light. By the time he finished it was getting hot. While he was putting his tools away I made lunch, we had HEB Hatch Chili sausages and potato chips. For our dessert we had blueberry muffins that Louise had brought with her. Larry had a long morning installing the camera and Louise is one happy woman. It is always great having Louise and Autumn come out to visit.

In the evening we went to Georgetown to dance with The Shirts 'n' Skirts Club. It was their regular weekly dance. We danced to Jim Hayes calling and Lucy Pate did two round dances in between the square dancing tips. We had five squares and Lucy had five couples for rounds. We had a great time dancing with friends.

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