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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10-6 Blue Water State Park

Blue Water State Park
Camping at Blue Water State Park

We started our 40th day of camping today and we’re still having fun. We’ve been having a little rain but it’s either during the night or late afternoon. We had a rain shower come through last night but we woke up to blue skies and sunshine. Larry took Flo for her morning walk around the campground. Flo’s right hip is doing a lot better today, she is able to walk without it giving out. I made pancakes for breakfast, they came out the best I’ve ever done in the Minnie. After breakfast we got the Minnie ready to go to our next destination, Blue Water State Park. Before stopping there for the night we stopped in Gallop at Walmart to pick up a few things. While there we bought a chicken, this was the first chicken from Walmart this trip. After going shopping and putting the groceries away we ate chicken for lunch.

After lunch we started down the road towards Blue Water State Park. The intersection in Gallop to get onto the interstate was very confusing and we ended up going four miles the wrong direction before we got turned around. Once going the right way it was all interstate. We had the gps program to get us to Blue Water but there was a sign that said for us to exit so we did. We ended up going 12 miles down a country road and we did get to one of the campground for Blue Water but it was primitive camping and we wanted a restroom with a shower. There were a few ladies having lunch so Larry asked one of them if there were any more campgrounds. She said on the other side of the lake there were a few more. So after taking Flo for a walk we were back on the road to the interstate. What a bummer we have to go another 40 miles.

Blue Water State Park-001
Playground made by recycle materials

Blue Water State Park-003
Larry doing some housecleaning.

Earlier I had said we woke up to blue skies and sunshine, well the rain clouds came in and started to rain before we got to the campground. In fact the weather got real bad and it started to hail, there was so much hail on the road that it looked like snow. Larry had to slow down slower than his usual speed. It did not last very long. We arrived at the campground at 2:00 and we found a great campsite. The campground is very pretty and has Pinon pines and junipers. Once we setup the Minnie we took Flo for a walk to pay for the site. During our walk we walked by the playground and found out it was made of recycled materials (10,520 plastic containers, 21,721 aluminum cans, 10,502 soup cans 10 car tires). What a great idea. We were going to take her to the lake to go swimming but we decided it was too far to go. Larry didn’t want her to hurt her hip. The lake was very low and this would make the walk longer. When we got back to the site Flo stayed outside until it started to rain. When it was time for dinner Larry barbequed Cowboy burgers and Salmon burger. We had a very good day.

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