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Thursday, October 22, 2015

10-21 Just Another Day

cleaning the house
It's suppose to rain through the weekend starting tomorrow so we decided to go to town and do our weekly grocery shopping. We loaded Flo up into the car and off to town we went. We stopped at both HEB and Walmart. While we were in Walmart we picked up some bleach for our septic system. Once a month Larry adds bleach to the system to keep the system running. After doing our grocery shopping we stopped by The UPS Store to check the mail. When we finished our errands we went back to the house. After putting the groceries away I made lunch.

the lasagna we had for dinner
In the afternoon I vacuumed, made lasagna and a loaf of banana bread. Larry had been craving fresh baked bread for awhile so when we were grocery shopping we picked up a Quick Bread Mix and a bread pan. It was really easy to make, all you had to do was add a couple of eggs, water and oil and bake for 50 to 55 minutes. This was the first time I baked a loaf of bread this way and it came out excellent. 

line dancing with Martha
 In the evening Larry and I met up with Jan and Skip so we could go square dancing with The Shirts 'n' Skirts Club in Georgetown. We got there early and helped out with the mainstream class. They have 14 students in the class. There were enough people at the dance for six mainstream squares and four plus squares. Martha did line dancing in between the square dancing tips. The class was an hour long it started at 7:00 and stopped at 8:00. The dance is usually two hours long but while the classes are going the dance was shortened by a half hour. It starts at 8:00 and is over by 9:30. We had a great time and people were glad to see Larry and me back in town. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!

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