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Saturday, October 17, 2015

10-16 Back In The Saddle

Visiting Buc-ee's
Yesterday, we drove around the Belton and Temple area looking for a back door for Louise and ended up buying a new back door for us. Our back door was still in perfect condition but the built in mini blind could only be tilted open and closed, you could not pull it up. While we were in Tri-Supply we asked if they could get the insert for our door. They said they sure could in fact they had 133 in stock. When we got home Larry measured the insert to make sure of the size and this morning Larry and I loaded into the truck and headed back to Tri-Supply. Flo has a very hard time getting into the truck so we left her at home. While at Tri-Supply we asked about Louise's door and they said they couldn't get a door for her. Larry thanked them and said he would like to buy the insert for us. It was a piece of cake to get the new insert, we just had to drive to the customer pick up door and they loaded the insert in the back of the truck. Tri-Supply is huge with a lot of neat stuff and the displays are bright and gives you many options to look at. The customer service at Tri-Supply is excellent and friendly.

Buc-ee's beaver and me
After getting the insert we stopped by Buc-ee's. We heard a lot about how great the Buc-ee's stores were. We were in the neighborhood so we stopped by. Buc-ee's was very impressive and it was huge. While walking through the store we stopped by the deli and bought a bag of homemade chips. They were delicious. We had a great time walking through Buc-ee's.

McCoy's had called yesterday saying they could get us the door for Louise's house, it was not inexpensive but at least we could get one. They had wanted to know if they should go ahead and order the door and Larry had said he would let them know. We decided to go by and check the order over and order the door. Good thing Larry checked, they had the doggy door in the wrong door, had the wrong door opening and closing, had a large doggy door instead of a small one and by looking at the order they could not tell for certain that the mini blinds were built into the glass. They now have to get back in touch with their vendor to correct all of this and get a new price quote. They had also told Larry it would take two weeks to get the door but the sheet from the vendor said four weeks, they said they had not really read the sheet they just assumed two weeks. Not sure we want to make a special order for a large amount of money from these folks or not.

When we had our house built in Austin Strippling Blake was the lumber supplier and they had also been good to work with, a few years ago they sold out to BMC but whenever we were trying to match something that had been done originally BMC could still get it for us and they have their own millworks for building windows and doors. Larry decided to call them and see if they could build the door, they said yes they could but they no longer sell to individuals, you have to be a contractor or builder. This project is getting to be more difficult. 

The new insert with the blinds open
New insert with the blinds closed
The old insert of the back door
Larry taking the screws out of the old insert.
In the afternoon Larry and I installed the new insert in the back door. It took about an hour. Larry first had to take out the old insert. What a mess this was!!! I had vacuumed the house this morning and now I'll have to do it again. This project wasn't that hard to do and it was worth the mess. Now we can enjoy looking out the window to our beautiful backyard and the sunshine can come in the window and brighten up the house. Good job Larry.

Line Dancing with Christina and friends
Square Dancing to Betsy's calling
Linda and Art in the blue dancing with friends
Betsy Nyhan calling

Billy Ray, Teresa and Larry enjoying the dance
Last night we got back in the saddle by going square dancing with our club. Tonight we went to the Killeen Kickers Dance. There were enough people there for three squares for mainstream and two squares for plus and a few extra people. There weren't a lot of round dancers there so Christina Wiggins did line dancing between the square dancing tips. Betsy Nyhan did a great job of calling. She was successful in calling five mainstream and two plus tips. We were pleasantly surprised when we got to the dance and Linda and Art from Shirts 'n' Skirts were there. There was a lot of food and we had a fun time dancing.     

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