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Thursday, October 29, 2015

10-28 Shirts 'n' Skirts Halloween Dance

Don Ringler Chevrolet
It's time for the Equinox to get an oil change. Larry usually changes the oil in our vehicles but the Equinox is still under the warranty so we take it to Don Ringler Chevrolet, that way if anything happens to it Chevrolet will have the records to prove we have been getting it serviced. When we were in Austin if you needed an oil change at the dealer you just took it in and they put it through the Express Service but here in the Belton/Temple area there is only one Chevrolet dealer and they don't have an Express Service lane so you have to call and make an appointment. Larry did this Monday and our appointment was this morning. As we were leaving I gave Flo a little treat and told her she couldn't go with us, she was disappointment and barked as we closed the door. After the oil change was completed we stopped by the UPS Store to get our mail and Walmart to pick up a couple for things then we went to lunch at Taco Bell. By the time we got home Flo had forgiven us for leaving her. When she saw us she was excited.

The Wii keeps track on how long it's been since you used it
the Wii balance board

The options you have on the Wii and it keeps tract on time and calories you burn
The workout program I did using Gold Gym and my trainer

Just Dance program
I've been saying since we got back from our trip that I needed to get back to working out on the Wii so I actually did this afternoon. I worked out for an hour. I did 30 minutes of Gold Gym and 30 minutes of Just Dance. When you use Gold Gym you can choose what program you want (prepared or a la cart) and how long you want to workout. On the Just Dance program you can decide what songs you want to dance to and what program you want. The program keeps track of the time so you can decide when to stop. If you go to the song list you can create a list of their songs for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 40 minutes or shuffle where the program shows how long each song is and you decide when to stop. You can click on a button and the program will keep track of the calories you burn. I was going to do a little more of the Wii Fit but I got tired. Instead I worked on our book until dinnertime.

Jerry Pate round dancing to Lucy cuing
round dancing to Monster Mash
promenading home with Willie

dancing the plus tip with Jim
In the evening we met up with Jan and Skip and went to Georgetown to attend the Skirts 'n' Skirts Halloween Dance. Al Frazier called for Jim Hayes and Lucy and Jerry Pate cued. We had five mainstream squares and three plus squares. There were a lot of round dancers. I danced a mainstream tip with Willie and Larry danced the same tip with Sandy. I danced the plus tip with Jim and Larry sat it out. We a fun time dancing with the Shirts 'n' Skirts Club.  

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