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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10-20 Cooler Weather Is Here

Fall is here
For the last few days the lows were in the 60's and the highs were in the mid 80's. When we went on our trip temperatures were in the high 90's to low 100's and when we got back the temperatures were still in the high 90's. Now that the temperatures are cooling off we don't mind doing some house projects. This morning Larry finished up his grinding the foundation and it looks great. After he finished his project he cleaned his workroom and put things away. I baked  pecan bars to take with us tonight to our club square dancing lessons. After dinner I went outside and picked up Flo's droppings.

Dale Smith explaining new moves in lessons

The class promenading home
The class waiting for Dale to explain the new call

The class practicing the reverse flutterwheel move
The last time our club had lessons they were on Monday but this time Larry and I recommended Tuesdays. Larry and I and a couple of more club members usually dance with the Sundancers on Monday's so Tuesday is better. The club agreed and started lessons the Tuesday after we started our trips. Now that we're back we are helping our club with the lessons. Our club has four students, a couple and two girls. We danced with the two young girls last Thursday and they are doing great. Tonight two of the students weren't there but Brandy, one of the students from the last class was. Our club was happy to see Larry and I because they needed us to help out. The students are doing very well.   

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