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Saturday, October 3, 2015

10-1 Jacks Creek Campground

Jack's Creek Campground
Jacks Creek Campground

Wow, what a beautiful day!!! It cooled off very nicely last night. The sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky. I didn’t roll out of bed until 8:00 and Larry had already fed Flo and took her for her morning walk. He is a good man taking care of the girl and me the way he does. I made biscuits for our breakfast. Then we got the Minnie ready to move on, not going too far, just moving up the mountain 25 miles to another campground called Jacks Creek. The lady we met last night told us that there was some hiking there so we decided to check it out. The road to Jacks Creek was very nice and on the way we drove through Iron Gate but we didn’t like it too much. As we drove we saw people fishing in the river, a sign about a state fish hatchery and a couple of mule deer. The road to Iron Gate had some tight curves but the three miles to Jacks Creek were very nice. Jacks Creek Campground had a couple of loops one was for horses and the other one was for RVs and other campers. There was hardly anyone there so we had no problem getting a site. Once we setup the Minnie we took Flo for a walk to the pay area to pay for a night. My stomach wasn’t feeling too good so we spent the day just hanging around the campground. Larry read and I read and slept. Flo spent a lot of time outside just enjoying the gorgeous forest. She did some sunning, exploring and sleeping in her chair. She spent most of the time outside by herself which was very rare she usually barks to come in when she’s by herself for five minutes. The campground had a lot of Aspens and pine trees. By looking at the Aspens you know that Fall is here in the Santa Fe National Forest. We had a very peaceful day.

Jack's Creek Campground-001
The trees that surrounds the campsites

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