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Friday, October 23, 2015

10-22 Installing a New Duct in the Attic

Home Projects
Today we woke up to overcast skies and a little rain so we stayed around the house. Larry has been working on trying to get the fumes out of the garage. He put in a new vent awhile back, this along with leaving a window cracked got almost all of the fumes out. He has been meaning to install a fan and duct in the attic then the air flow would be even better and hopefully he could keep the window closed. The other day we picked up the items he needed to do this project. Larry did all the work and I helped him by retrieving the tools he needed. The first step he did was install an electrical box in the attic to get power where the fan was going to be. Once he installed the electrical box and outlet he moved on to the hardest part putting in the duct and fan. Before doing the duct work he hung the fan to a rafter with a couple of metal straps. Then he connected the duct to the vent with nylon tie-wraps. Next step was to connect the duct to the fan but before he could do this he had to cut the duct to size. Then he connected used nylon tie-wraps to hold the duct to the fan. Once this was done he tied the duct up to the rafters with a netting. The last step was to make sure that everything works. It worked perfect, which I knew it would. When Larry does home projects they're done excellent. I'm very lucky to have a husband that can do home improvement projects.
Installing the electrical box and outlet
Larry checking out the flexible duct before installing
Strapping up the duct after it was installed

What the duct system looked like when Larry was finished
The exhaust fan
 After lunch I did laundry and baked a butter pecan cake to take with us to the Coryell County Squares Halloween Dance tonight. The dance started out with a half hour plus workshop with two squares. The first tip of the dance was a mainstream and it had three squares but the other mainstream tips had one square. The two plus tips had two squares. Only a couple of us dressed up for Halloween, which was a little disappointing. We had a good time dancing and visiting with our friends. The club members were happy we were back in town.

The outfits we wore to The Coryell County Squares Halloween Dance

The butter pecan cake I took to the dance
dancing with friends
Ed Larder getting ready to call
Our friends weaving the ring

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