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Friday, May 10, 2019

Thursday 5-9 Laid Back Day

Relaxing around the house

We had a cloudy day. The sun did try to come out once in awhile. The temperature got into the high 70's. 

Larry continued experimenting with our old internet router, he could not get the code he loaded yesterday to do what he wanted so he reverted it back to the original code. He then found some different code that sounded like it would work and installed it. Once installed and configured it appeared to be doing what he wanted so he removed our current router and installed the old one. The old router is a bit slower but he can now monitor all of our internet connected devices (49 of them as of today) and see how much data each device is using. He spent most of the day on this and is really happy with how it is working.
While Larry was playing with the router I worked on my puzzle. I also cleaned the house. 

Time to clean the house

In the evening we went to Sun City for our Thursday evening of dancing. We had two couples for the C1 hour (Nancy, Dan, Larry and me). We had a great time doing two couple tips. We played with a lot of phantoms, which was fantastic considering we need practice on dancing with phantoms. When it was time for the A dancing we had six couples and an extra lady. We had a super evening of dancing with friends.  

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