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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Friday 5-10 Dreary Day

Smile and be happy

Just another day,,,,. Larry has been playing with putting a switch in the mailbox that would notify him when the mail box has been opened. He installed a sensor switch a couple of weeks ago that works with a magnet. Sometimes it would work correctly and other times it would not. He's not sure if it is because the mailbox is metal or because there is another magnet already in the box that keeps the door closed. Today he worked on converting the magnetic switch to work with a physical switch. He is not done, he will keep working with it. He also played with the "new" internet router. He discovered that our Fire Tablet is using a lot of data, this tablet is mounted in the kitchen and only used as an Alexa device, it should not be using much data. He installed a bunch of updates on it and will monitor it to see if the data use declines.

When we built our house we were surrounded by empty lots. The same person owned all of them. Last year he sold the ones behind us to a couple who are almost done building a large house on them. Today he put the lot to the north of us up for sale and the two lots to the south of us. He is asking $110k for the north lot and $125k for the two lots south of us. Anyone want to be neighbors? Probably no one we know at those prices 😊

I continued assembling my puzzle. The puzzle is about half assembled.

How far I've gotten on my puzzle

In the evening we watched the fifth and sixth episodes of Call the Midwife. Then I started streaming the first season of Suits on Amazon. I watched two episodes of it. I also watched an episode of Fire in the Blood. 

Relaxing in front of the television

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