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Monday, September 5, 2016

9-4 Ressurection of Our Tablet

Paris Texas
We're back from a wonderful weekend of square dancing in Paris. We are exhausted but we had fun. We try to avoid driving on I35 as often as we can but we figured it was Sunday so it wouldn't be too bad. Our only delay was at Waco where things slowed down for about five minutes due to road construction. We exited I35 at Bruceville Eddy and took two lane highways back to Belton. We arrived at the house at 1:30. The first thing we did was unload the Minnie, since we were only gone for a weekend it didn't take very long.

You might remember I mentioned on Friday that as we were getting ready to leave our tablet took a dive off the bar and broke, there was no sign of obvious physical damage, it simply would no longer turn on. While we were in Paris we got connected to the internet and Larry did some research on new tablets. He was very disappointed that they no longer make the tablet we have and he could not find anything directly comparable. He did find a less expensive tablet at Best Buy that he thought would serve the purpose, it is brand new and there were only two reviews but he decided to take a chance and he ordered it from our local store. Before going to pick up the new tablet Larry got on YouTube to see if there were any videos on opening up our broken tablet so he could try to see if maybe something obvious was wrong, he also wanted to unplug the battery and see if maybe that would reset it. He found a video that actually sounded like our problem, a guy's son had dropped the exact same tablet and broke it, he figured he had nothing to lose so he opened up the back of the tablet, he found that a cable had disconnected from a board, he popped the cable back in place and the tablet began to work again. Following his video Larry opened up our tablet and found the same cable was popped up on ours, he popped it back in place and Shazam, the tablet powered up and worked perfectly, Larry is a happy man. A bit later we went to Best Buy and told them we didn't need the new tablet, since we had purchased it online they had to process a return, only took a couple of minutes and we were on our way. Thanks to YouTube we can now wait a little longer to buy a new tablet we really want.

Larry's a happy man
Doing laundry
When we got back to the house I started doing laundry. In the evening we watched YouTube videos and Amazon. We watched Rabbit-Proof Fence, it is a movie based on a true story. It took place in Australia in 1931, three aboriginal girls were taken from their homes to be trained to be domestic staff, they escaped and had to take a long journey back home while being pursued by law enforcement. It was a bit slow but I liked it. Then we watched a Amazon Pilot called The Tick, it is a new superhero comedy series but we couldn't really tell how good it was considering there was only one 30 minute episode. We also started watching a series called Cafe Racers, they are 30 minute documentary episodes about a worldwide community of people who share the love of vintage motorcycles. We had a relaxing evening.         

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