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Thursday, September 29, 2016

9-28 Continuing to Work on the Minnie

Brackets for the Minnie Air Springs
We woke up to 66 degrees and it feels great to be below the mid 80s. Yesterday Larry started working on installing air springs on the front of the Minnie. This morning he finished stringing the air hoses for the air springs. Once this was finished he began building a bracket for the inflation valves and gauges. When he installed the back air springs he built a bracket so he decided to make one identical for the front air springs. He enjoys working with his hands and figuring things out, at the same time it gives him an excuse to play with his Enco Milling & Drilling Machine. First he cut a piece of aluminum plate to the size he needed. Then he put the new plate next to the old plate and determined where he needed to drill holes. Next he drilled holes in the plate for mounting it to the Minnie and others to attach the gauges and then he bent the plate using his vise, hands, vise grip pliers and a sledge hammer.  After all this he installed the gauges to the plate. Tomorrow he will install the gauges on the Minnie.

Flo keeping dad company while he's playing under the Minnie
Finishing up stringing the air hose
Larry put on the clip now all the wheels are secured
Bending the plate
Drilling holes in the plate
After lunch Larry took me to the gym. We were at the gym for an hour and a half. I workout on the treadmill for thirty-five minutes, thirty minutes on the weight machines and did some stretching. On the way home we stopped by The UPS Store and picked up our package from yesterday.

In the evening we watched YouTube videos and the rest of the third season of Transparent. After watching television I worked on my annual book and played computer games until it was time to go to bed. We had a great day.      

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