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Monday, September 12, 2016

9-10 Saturday of DBD Dancing


River Bend Park-015

Entrance to Riverbend Park 

Saturday 9/10/2016

We had a busy day of dancing. There were three, 2 hour sessions; 9:30, 1:30 and 7:30 of dance by definitions and at the end of each session there were A1, A2 and C1 tips. We danced every DBD tip and the A1 tips. The dancers were excellent and Darryl Lipscomb and Tim Ploch did a super job of calling. We knew most of the dancers and had a super time. After the first session there was an A2 tip and C1 tip and Marty asked the callers if they would do an A1 tip so Belinda, Dorothy, Larry and I could dance. The callers said they sure could. In between the sessions we came back to the Minnie to take care of Flo. The morning session had eight squares for the DBD tips, three squares for the A1 and A2 tips and the C1 tips had two squares. We are tired after all the dancing today but tomorrow morning we have another 2 hour session. The group that put this event on did a great job. They had snacks through out the day and made sure there was water and coffee all day.

Saturday DBD DancingSaturday DBD Dancing-003

Some of our friends doing one of the A2 tips

Saturday DBD Dancing-006Saturday DBD Dancing-007

       Tim Ploch                                      Darryl Lipscomb

Saturday DBD Dancing-014

Dancing one of the C1 tips to Darryl calling

There was a three hour break between the afternoon session and the night session so it gave me a chance to walk around the park and take a few pictures. The park has a big dead tree that had most of the arms cut off but instead of removing the tree someone carved an eagle and an American flag in it. I walked down to the Colorado River to take a few pictures, there was a couple skinny dipping in the river. When they saw me the lady put her arms around the man’s neck to cover herself. The amenities the park has to offer were a fishing pier, pavilion, volleyball courts, camping area, rodeo arena, softball field, playground and a disc golf course. The park is very nice.

River Bend Park-012River Bend Park-013

   An eagle and flag carved in a tree                                        The fishing pier           

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