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Saturday, September 3, 2016

9-1 Getting Ready for Paris

Getting Ready for a Trip
Early this morning we loaded Flo into the car and went to retrieve the Minnie from storage. We are going on a weekend square dancing trip to Paris Texas. Paris is having Plus, Advance, DBD and Hot Hash dancing in two halls at the Love Civic Center for their 21st Annual Evening in Paris. Marshall Flippo, Ken Bower, Mike Bramlett, Gary Shoemake and Hunter Keller and Justin Russell are the callers. Jim and Georglanne Couey are the cuers for round dancing. We have never attended before and it sounds like a lot of fun. We dropped the Minnie at the house and then we went back to town to do grocery shopping for the trip. We wanted to take easy meals with us so I made some more pulled pork, it takes about six hours in the crock pot. While it was cooking we had lunch and I loaded the Minnie up with food, clothing and other items we need to take with us. It didn't take too long considering we're only going to be gone for two days. While I was doing this Larry fertilized the yards and filled the septic with bleach. After I finished loading up the Minnie I took a nap. When I woke up I worked a little bit on my puzzle. While I was doing this Larry was programming the GPS to go to Paris, then the septic tank alarm went off and the septic sprinklers started running. Larry cancelled the alarm and tried to figure out why the system had started running. Our septic system breaks down the sewage in three different tanks, at two in the morning the sprinklers turn on and empty the 3rd tank. He thinks the timer is going bad so the system did not run when it was suppose to, when the water level got too high the alarm went off and the system turned on. Larry will order a new timer when we get back from our trip.

Larry spreading the fertilizer
The fertilizer he used
Friends having fun dancing to Dale's calling
Dale Smith calling the dance
Waiting for the next call
Swinging your new partner
Doing the Right and Left Grand
In the evening we met up with Belinda and went to the TIPS Dance. There were enough people for two squares and a few people sitting out. Dale Smith did the calling. The workshop was a Plus workshop. Dale called two A1 tips. We had a fun time dancing with friends. 

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