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Monday, September 19, 2016

9-18 Allemande Hall Fund Raising

Let's Dance
We woke up to another beautiful day. After reading the paper Larry decided to work a bit more on painting the square dancing shoes. The next step was applying the blue paint on the toe of the shoe. First he taped off the area he didn't want to be blue, then he applied five coats of the blue. Larry watched a few videos on painting shoes and one lady suggested drying the paint with a heat gun. He decided to try her suggestion, after putting a coat on he dried the paint with his heat gun. The last coat he let air dry. The blue came out excellent. The next step will be applying the red paint.

Larry taped off area he didn't want to be blue
Applying the blue paint
Using heat gun to dry the blue paint
Ready for the Red
 Later in the morning we took Flo for a ride, she has been stuck in the house for a few days. Larry loaded her into the car and off to town we went. We wanted to find some stars to put on the shoes once the painting is done. We stopped at Michael's to see if they have any stars. We walked around the store and finally found some that may work, there was a 40% off coupon in today's paper so they cost about a dollar. The next stop was Walmart, we had looked for stars at Walmart the other day and we found a couple of different ones we could use. We looked at them again and decided to wait until the shoes were finished to decide if we needed them. We didn't leave empty handed, we bought a couple items we were getting low on. Afterwards we went back to the house. When we got home Larry got Flo out of the car and I started lunch. For lunch we had the Chicken and Black Bean Bake.

The stars we bought at Michael's
About 2:00 Larry and I left Flo at home with a snack while we went square dancing. Allemande Hall is struggling financially so they decided to have a Fund Raising Dance. When the TIPS Club had their anniversary dance Dave and Michele Vieira called the dance, while they were there they volunteered to come and do a fund raising dance for free, they agreed to today. We had four squares of dancers and other people came to socialize. Local callers Ed Larder, Dale Smith and Wendell Moore showed up to support the hall and they helped Dave call the dance. The callers all called for free. They ended up raising about $1700.00 dollars for the hall. The dance tips were mainstream until the end when they did a 15 minute fast plus tip. Dale did a fun tip where we were did progressive squares. We had four squares but the setup was different. We had a square where everyone in the square were number one. Then the other three squares went behind each couple. The second couple behind each couple was number two. The third couple was number three. The fourth couple was number four. Then Dale started calling and each couple would do exactly what he called. Everyone moved through all four squares and he got us back to where we began. It was a great dance.

Dancing with friends
Having fun dancing with Dave
Dave Vieira calling a tip
Dave Vieira, Dale Smith, Wendell Moore and Ed Larder
Friends having a great time
People enjoying watching the dance
We got home at 6:00. After dinner we watched the YouTube videos we follow and six episodes of the second season of This American Life. Then I worked on my book and played computer games until I went to bed.     

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