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Thursday, September 1, 2016

8-31 Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Larry and Louise
Today was an exciting day, we celebrated Larry and Louise's birthdays. We were going to do this a couple weeks ago but it was raining. Today the weather cooperated so Louise showed up at the house about 9:00, I was disappointed that she left her dog Autumn at home. The Temple Library book sale started today and goes through Saturday so instead of going to the lake we went to the library. We left Flo at home while we went to the book sale. This was the first time that Louise has attended with us and I hope she enjoyed it. It looked like there was a lot more people there this time then in February. We picked up twenty paperback books which cost us $20.00 and Louise found five hardback books which cost her $10.00. If we go back on Saturday they will give us a paper bag to fill up for $5.00. We had a great time. Before going to the book sale we swung by Walmart, Louise is having problems with her GPS program on her tablet and Larry couldn't fix it so she wanted to buy a GPS. She found a 6" screen GPS and a 7" screen GPS, she decided to on the 7" because of the size. After attending the book sale we went back to the house.

The books we bought
Larry and Louise looking for books to buy
Before opening the GPS Larry read the reviews and found that the reviews on the one we purchased weren't that great so he suggested exchanging the GPS and Louise agreed. While Larry was reading the reviews I barbecued sausages for lunch,  we also had potato chips and delicious brownies and chocolate chips cookies that Louise baked. After lunch Larry and Louise went back to Walmart to exchange the GPS, I decided to stay home and hung out with Flo. The GPS she exchanged for was the Garmin NUVI 67LM. On the way home they played with the GPS and they were very happy with the performance. When they got home we continued the birthdays celebration by opening presents, Larry and Louise got great gifts. Then we had German chocolate cake and Birthday cake ice cream for dessert. After having dessert Larry updated Louise's GPS with the latest maps, this took about an hour. It rained a little so Louise waited for the rain to stop before heading back to Autumn. We had a great visit with Louise.

Birthdays Lunch
Birthday Presents
Louise opening her gifts
Larry opening his gifts
Larry explaining to Louise how to use one of her gifts
Louise's new GPS
In the evening we watched YouTube videos and a couple of documentaries. The first documentary was Power for the Parkinsons, it was about making the documentary Power of the Land on getting electricity to rural America during the New Deal era. It was interesting learning how they made the documentary. The other documentary was Blues and the Alligator, it was about 20 years of Alligator Records. It was not that great. Then I worked on my puzzle until it was time to go to bed. LIFE IS GOOD !!!!!

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