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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

9-26 I Had a Lazy Day

I had a lazy day
When I got up this morning Larry asked if I wanted to go to the gym, I told him that I was going to pass until tomorrow.

On Friday before going on our trip we had swung by and picked up our mail, there were four packages waiting for us, three of them were from the Home Depot Seeds Program. When I decided not to go to the gym Larry decided to start playing with a couple of the Home Depot items. The first one was a Husky Air Hose Reel. Usually people install the reel on their ceiling or a wall in their garage but Larry decided to install it on the shelving unit that his air compressor sits under. The location was perfect, it is very near the compressor and it will not hit anything when being used. The nice thing about this reel is it's has a built in hinge that allows you to swing it out of the way. The reel comes with a 50 foot long hose. After he installed the reel he played with it a little. At the beginning the hose guide was getting hung up on the housing, Larry found that it had apparently gotten a bit of damage in shipping but he was able to fix the case so that it works perfectly. The second item he received was a eZVIZ Mini O security camera (you might have heard them called nanny cams). It's a small camera that connects to your wireless network and allows you to watch a baby, dog or anything you want remotely. It streams live video all the time and you can configure it to send your smart phone or tablet a notification and a video clip anytime the camera senses motion. We played with it a little and it works good. He already wrote one of the reviews but hasn't submitted it. I guess the weekend wore me down, while Larry was doing this I kept dozing off so after lunch I gave up and took a nap for a couple of hours.

Husky Air Hose Reel
The eZVIZ Security Camera
In the evening we went up to Allemande Hall for our A lessons with the TIPS Club. Louis had to do a project tomorrow with his brother so we drove up by ourselves. We had two squares and they used the computer to tell you which square to dance in. We were in the second square through out the night except for the last tip. We had fun learning four new moves. We had a very nice day.

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