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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Saturday 11-30 Day of Dancing

A gorgeous sunny day

The drizzle was gone and the sun came out. There was a strong wind out of the west, which made it cool.

Lake Murray State Park

We spent the day square dancing with friends to Charlie Robertson and Jet Roberts. The morning session was an A2 workshop that started at 10:00 followed by a C1 workshop at 11:30. Charlie called the morning session. We were one couple shy of eight squares. Some of the concepts that Charlie went through in the A2 workshop we have done but it still was challenging. For the C1 half hour, Charlie went over Replace and Interrupt Concepts and Phantoms in an Hourglass formation. The hourglass concept was very hard to see where to go because to me I couldn't see the actual hourglass I was working with. Charlie made the workshops very interesting and challenging. 

In the afternoon Jet Roberts did the A2 workshop.Jet worked on Motivate in different positions, Chain Reaction and Trade Circulates. The positions weren't too bad considering Larry and I have done them from both right and left handed waves many times before. We had seven squares plus three couples sitting out. We had a great time.

We returned to Lake Murray Lodge at 7:00 to do a half hour of C1 dancing. We had three squares. Jet called this session. We danced A2 from 7:30 to 9:40, it was suppose to go until 10:00 but everyone was tired because we had already danced two sessions for four and a half hours. Charlie and Jet did a super job of calling the dance. We had a super day of dancing with friends and to Charlie and Jet.

Mike and Sharon from Colorado having fun dancing to Charlie and Jet

Mike and Glenn waiting for the next call from Jet

Friends enjoying the dance

Friends from Lubbock having fun

Charlie Robertson, me and Jet Roberts



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