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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Wednesday 12-4 Backyard Visitors

Have fun doing what ever you enjoy

We had a great day.

This morning we saw a few deer hanging around the backyard. Two of them were laying down on the grass. The other one was a little bigger and she was grazing. After a few minutes she decided to lay down with the other two. While they were laying in the backyard a few black birds flew down and joined them. The deer ignored the birds. One of the younger deer got up and the birds hopped away. We watched the deer and birds relaxing with each other. While the deer and birds were relaxing, a few squirrels were playing in the trees. We always like to watch wildlife hanging out with each other.

Deer hanging out in our backyard

We went to town to pay for the RV tags. The tags aren't due until February but we are going to be out of town. We hadn't received the renewal yet but there was no problem in renewing the tags.

After lunch Larry did a little work on our security cameras. While he was doing this I worked on a jigsaw puzzle and on my annual book.

In the evening we watched Spiderman Far From Home again. When we watch super hero movies we usually watch them a second time because we always miss something. Afterwards we watched a couple of episodes of Boston Legal. I finished watching the first season of Bones. We had a relaxing evening.   

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