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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Friday 11-29 Black Friday

Nasty day 

What did you do for Black Friday? We drove to Ardmore Oklahoma for a weekend of square dancing at Lake Murray Lodge. We started from the house around 9:00, it was foggy and drizzling all the way to Ardmore. There were a number of slow downs caused by vehicles sliding off the road. The drizzling continued all day and into the night. 

For the last 32 year there had been a weekend for Advanced dancers at Lake Murray Lodge. Darryl Lipscomb and  Jerry Stover had put the event on for 31 years but this year Charlie Robertson and Jet Roberts took over. The event started at 7:30 with two hours of Advanced dancing and then a half our of C1. The calling was very fast and challenging. We had a blast. For the Advanced tips we had eight squares. We danced with friends from all over Texas and Oklahoma and one couple from Kansas. For the C1 Star Tip we were shy one couple to make three squares so Charlie's wife and KO Jeanes, who is a caller out of Spring Texas filled in to make the square. By the end of the night I was tired but I had fun.

Every year the City of Ardmore puts on a Festival of Lights for the Christmas season. Last year the dance was a few weeks earlier and the lights had not started but tonight it was open so after the dance we drove through. It was 1.5 miles long and had over 150 animated displays. The displays are done by the local merchants, banks and churches.  It was free but they do ask for donations at the end of the drive. It was a great drive and the displays were outstanding. We had a super time driving through the Festival of Lights.

Season Greeting display

Santa shooting hoops

A beautiful display

Reindeer riding on the back of a whale

Another beautiful display
Noah Art display

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