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Friday, December 27, 2019

Thursday 12-26 J-Five RV Park

J-Five RV Park

We spent the night in the Lowe's parking lot, it was an excellent place to stay. There was a large empty parking area on the far side of the shopping complex where they have not yet built any buildings. When we parked the Minnie yesterday there was only one eighteen wheeler but later on in the evening a van joined us. Not a problem because he was far away from us. The refrigerator ran all night on the truck but it was far enough away it didn't bother us. We slept very well.

Last night before I went to bed I did some Sudoku puzzles. I use to do them all the time on our trips but since I got a Kindle I do more reading. When I was doing the Sudoku puzzles all the time they became a lot easier to solve. But last night when I was working on them they were a lot more difficult. It's always amazing to me when I haven't done anything in awhile how hard it is when I start. I started a jigsaw puzzle a few weeks ago and it has 1,000 pieces, usually I complete a 1000 piece in a week or two but I only have about a third of it done. I do admit I haven't worked on it constantly and it is a little more complex. I'm going to continue working on the Sudoku puzzles.

Doing Sudoku puzzles

We started the day by registering in the office of J-Five. We don't make a reservation because we're not sure when we'll be there or how long we're going to stay. Every year we get another site. This year is no different. The lot we have is very near the office, the clubhouse and bathrooms so it's very convenient for us.

Once we got our site we took the car off the dolly and rolled the dolly to the site. Then we parked the Minnie on the site. This will be home for at least a month. Then we set the Minnie up and set up the table. We didn't have any dancing today so we spent the day relaxing. My allergies were bothering me so I took a nap.

Relaxing day

After dinner I walked around the RV Park for 40 minutes to get some of my steps in. As I walked around I said hi to a few people. Then at 7:00 I walked across the street to the clubhouse to play card bingo. We had nine people playing and a dealer. There were 12 games, 10 games the pay out was $1.40 and the 6th and 12th games the pay out were $2.00. It was a small group of folks but we all had a great time joking and laughing. It cost $2.00 a piece. It was divided in two sessions. We played 6 games, then had a break and the last 6 games. I won two of the games. The first game I had to share the $1.40 with another person. I ended up winning $2.10 but I bought a soda for $1.00 so I ended up only spending $.90 for a two hours of entertainment. When I got back I did some more steps.

By the end of the day I did 10,000 steps. I didn't get my goal, which is 13,000 steps. When we travel it's always hard to get my goal. When we're in the Valley we normally dance twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. After doing two, two hour dances I'm tired and can't motivate myself to finish my steps.

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