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Monday, December 2, 2019

Sunday 12-1 Back Home

Fun times

It was a beautiful day with wind that made it cool. When we go up It was in the 30's.

We had a spectacular weekend in Ardmore, Oklahoma dancing with friends to Charlie Robertson and Jet Roberts. There was an A2 dance this morning at 10:00 but we decided to skip it, we wanted to get an early start going home. It was the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and we knew the later we started home the worse the traffic would be. The drive home was on I35 through Fort Worth and Waco. I35 is under construction in Waco and goes down to two lanes. Some folks said it took them an hour to get through it on Friday. We left Ardmore at 6:45 and did not encounter any slow downs, we got home at 10:45. 

We spent the afternoon relaxing. Larry had ordered a new Amazon Echo Show on Black Friday and it arrived yesterday so he set it up. Afterward he read Saturday and Sunday's newspapers. I did my World Tour Event, which was 30 Solitaire games. We watched a couple of GizWiz shows and caught up with our YouTube videos.

Last week we bought a spiral ham. This afternoon I used the bone to make ham hock and beans.

Ham Hock and Beans

In the evening we watched a movie off of Amazon called Brittany Runs A Marathon. It was a comedy drama about a young woman that changes her life and trains to run the New York City Marathon. It starred Jillian Bell. Then we watched three episodes of Boston Legal. When Larry went to bed I watched three episodes of Bones. We had a relaxing day. 

Relaxing in front of the television

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