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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Saturday 12-28 J-Five Get Together

Having fun with friends

We started the day by going over to the J-Five clubhouse for the Saturday get together. Every Wednesday and Saturday morning J-Five has a get together to go over what's happening in the park and upcoming activities. They serve donuts and coffee, on the calendar it starts at 8:00 but people start to show up at 7:30. The actual meeting starts at 8:30 and is over at 9:00. When we showed up everyone were happy to seeing us. During the meeting Marty announces the people who have arrived since the last meeting. Then she walks around and read off the boards on the upcoming events. One board is broken down by each day of the week and shows what activities are going on that day. The upcoming special event is the park's New Years Eve party on Tuesday, it cost $10 a person. On New Year Day they having their annual Hamburger Dinner for $5 per person. We had a super time visiting with our J-Five friends.

While we were at the get together Marie asked if I still had the picture of her four dogs that I took a couple years ago. She told me that they had to put one down this year. I told her I did and I would e-mail her the picture. When we got back to the Minnie I found the picture. Larry suggested that we send it to Walmart and make a few prints of the picture. So he went to Walmart Photo sites and ordered a large print and a few more small ones. They were ready in about an hour.

After lunch we loaded into the car and went to Walmart. The lady in the photo department was so excited about the picture because it had dogs. She asked us what type of dogs they were. We told her we didn't know because they weren't our dogs. She showed us a picture of her dog and we visited with her a little while. The pictures came out great. Larry sent Marie an e-mail with the picture of the dogs, then I walked over and delivered the prints. Bob was very excited and asked how much he owed us. I told him they were a Christmas gift.

Marie's and Bob's dogs

When I got back to the Minnie I studied Taminations and so did Larry. Then we went to the C1 Dance at Casa Del Sol, it is about 17 miles away in Donna. Casa Del Sol has a beautiful hall where we dance. The hall has an indoor pool and spa, stage, kitchen, restrooms, tables and a huge area to dance. The hall had gorgeous Christmas decorations. They have big light fixtures in the hall and they made them into angels. 

Randy had a C2 dance before the C1 dance. He was dancing so that they could have three squares. We were the only couple that showed up to dance C1 but some of the C2 dancers stayed and we ended up with six couples for C1. We were surprised to see Char and Glenn at the dance because they were in Sun City just a couple of days ago for the holiday. The first tip was open so a few of the C2 dancers stayed and Randy danced to make two squares. The second and last tips Randy did six couple squares. It was challenging but a lot of fun. The other tips we had one square. The six couples squares are a lot of fun but they can be hard because of you have to think all the time. We had an outstanding afternoon dancing to Randy and with friends.

One of the tables with a Christmas angel on it

One of the lights decorated like an angel

Casa Del Sol Christmas tree

Friends having fun dancing to Randy

Larry enjoying the dance

We spent the evening relaxing in the Minnie. I walked around J-Five for 45 minutes to get some steps. Then I stepped in place for another half hour. By the end of the night I had done 13,500 steps. Then I spent the rest of the night watching YouTube videos and doing Sudoku puzzles. We had a great day.

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