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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Tuesday 12-17 Dentist Appointment

Cold Front

Today was cold with a strong northwest wind. The good news is the temperature did get up to 50 degrees.

We started the day out by going to town. Larry had a followup appointment with his oral surgeon on how he was doing after the tooth removal and implant. When we got to the dentist office the waiting room was full but by the time we left it only had a couple of patients. The dentist said everything was going well. Larry isn't finished, he has to go back in three months. Then he'll have to go someplace else to get a crown put on the implant.

Dentist appointment

Before going home we made a couple of stops. First stop was at Great Cuts so Larry could get a haircut. While he was getting his haircut I went next door to The UPS Store to get our mail. It was very busy, there were two lines and they were all the way to the door. Larry had remembered to give me the key to the mailbox so I didn't have to wait. We didn't have any packages so I was in and out very quickly. The hairstylist was very friendly. After Larry's haircut we went across the street to the HEB to do a little grocery shopping.

Weekly grocery shopping

Time to get a haircut

In the afternoon I read and Larry continued working on our photos. I also did The Medium Mayhem, which was 20 medium level games of Solitaire. 

Larry started to work on a Fire TV project. He decided he needed more memory, he ordered it online from Best Buy. In a few minutes we received an e-mail that said it was ready to be picked up. Off to Best Buy we went.

In the evening we watched an Amazon movie called Noelle. It was about a priest, who was sent to a small town to shut down the Catholic Church. It was a good movie. Then we watched a couple episodes of a series called Off The Cuf. It's an Amazon documentary series starring Harris Dirnberger, Chris Parr and Tyler Chadey. It has six short stories on unique small towns in the United States. We watched Slab City and Green Bank. It's a good series because it talks about why people live in these unique towns. Then I watched a few episodes of Bones.     

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