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Monday, December 25, 2017

Sunday 12-24 Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve

We woke up to another chilly morning and it stayed in the 40s all day.

We spent the day hanging around the house finishing up getting the Minnie ready for our trip. I loaded the refrigerator and freezer and our remaining clothes. The only thing left to do tomorrow is put in a few electronics. Larry backed up our computer to GoDaddy. 

In the afternoon I worked out for an hour with Wii Fit and Just Dance. I vacuumed the house. Then we watched the GizWiz. 

Working Out

For our Christmas Eve dinner we had HEB poppers, they are jalapenos and sausages wrapped with bacon. Along with the poppers we had hash browns and corn. In the evening we watched The Poplar Express on dvd, every Christmas we watch this. Before I went to bed I watched both episodes of The Last Tango in Halifax holiday special. We had a super day.    

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