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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Monday 12-11 Sundancers Christmas Dance

Celebrating the Christmas season with the Sundancers

Today was another busy day at Louise's. We have been leaving Louise's kitchen in a disarray the last few days so Larry decided to get it back in order. We started out by removing Louise's old microwave. Then Larry completed installing the ceiling tiles, many of the tiles had to be cut so it took a while. Next he replaced the old kitchen lights with new ones. The new lights came with frosted globes but Louise preferred clear globes so we reused the old ones. The new lights also have two bulbs instead of one. Yesterday Louise painted the air vents and did a great job, today Larry reinstalled two of them. The kitchen looks excellent, maybe tomorrow we will install the new microwave. Before calling it a day Larry installed a few tiles in the living room.

Installing the tiles above the kitchen cabinets

Installing the new lights in the kitchen

New light

The finished kitchen

Installing a vent

Louise had bought a new Amazon Echo Dot, on Black Friday. After finishing the kitchen he setup the Dot and got it working with her new speaker. 

After getting the dot working and resting a little bit we got ready for the Sundancers Christmas Dance.

The dance was at 7:00 in Sun City. This was their last dance of the year. The celebration started at 5:00 with a catered dinner. We didn't attend the dinner but we did attend the dance. It started out with 11 squares. We were tired so we left a little early. We had a super time at the dance. 

Friends having fun dancing to Brad

Brad Caldwell calling the Christmas Dance

Waiting for the next move to be called


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