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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Friday 12-22 Another Nasty Day

The rain came back early in the morning and stayed in all day.

In preparing for out trip to the Rio Grande Valley we needed to do a bit of grocery shopping. We went to town around 9:00 to avoid the mad rush of people who will be grocery shopping for the holiday. HEB had done a great job of staffing, they had a lot of cashiers open so the lines were very short. Then we went across the street to the UPS Store to tell them to hold our mail while we're gone. 

Grocery Shopping

 On the way home we stopped at the Goodwill Store and The Hospice Thrift Store to see what they had. We had not been in either in a very long time. We looked at shirts and blouses but we didn't find anything we wanted. Didn't really need anything, just looking.

We spent the rest of the day at home. I finished reading Vagabond written by Bernard Cornwell. There's one more book in the series but we're going to wait until we get back from our trip to order it. The series takes place in the 1400s and it follows one character through that time period. Bernard Cornwell is a good writer and keeps your interest throughout the books. 

Are you tried of having a messy microwave everytime you heat up leftover? A couple of weeks ago on the GizWiz Chad did a review on a product called the Hover Cover. Chad had bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Larry found them online at Walmart and placed an order for two of them, one for me and one for Louise. The next time we went to Walmart they were waiting for us. It's easy to use, all you have to do is put the Hover Cover over whatever you are cooking and cook it. When the food item starts to splatter the mess stays inside the Hover Cover and the only area you have to clean is the area under the Hover Cover and the Hover Cover. It has magnets on the top and to store it you simply stick it to the inside top of the microwave. That way you don't have to hunt around looking for it. I use it when I cook anything in the microwave and it works excellent.

Storing the Hover Cover
Using the Hover Cover
 In the afternoon I read and Larry played with Alexa. The project he's working on is to get Alexa to play all of our music that's in the cloud. He's not done but he likes challenges. He will continue plugging along and he will get it to work.

In the evening Larry went back to his Alexa project and I worked out for an hour. We had a nasty cold day but tomorrow is suppose to be nicer. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!       

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