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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Saturday 12-9 Day Two of Project

Another busy day at Louise's house

Today was day two of Louise's project. On the way to Louise's house we stopped by The Home Depot in Round Rock to get some caulk. Louise's light fixtures are pretty old and outdated, Larry thought since we had to take them down to do the ceiling it would be a good time to replace them. While we were at The Home Depot we bought a couple of lights for her kitchen. We could not find a light fixture that we liked for the dining area.

Louise and Alice were waiting for us in the frontyard. Louise was pleasantly surprised with the new lights. Larry went around the kitchen and other areas caulking everything that needed to be caulked. While he was doing this I wiped down the ceiling with a damp mop to remove the extra sheet rock dust. We then started gluing up the new ceiling tiles. We worked for a couple of hours before taking a lunch break.

We decided to divide the dining area and the kitchen area by adding a strip of trim between them. We needed a few more supplies so we went to Lowe's where we picked up more caulk, a piece of trim, entrance and dining room lights. We also picked up some sand paper and paint for the vents.

Yesterday, when I was cleaning up in the kitchen I removed a piece off the microwave to clean the sheet rock out of it. I didn't put the piece back on correctly and when Louise used it last night the door frame broke. Larry looked at it this morning and told her she would need to purchase a new microwave. While we were in Lowe's we looked at microwaves and didn't find one we liked. We stopped by the Home Depot and found a great deal on the exact one she wanted, her old one was black and very difficult to keep clean, the new one is a beautiful white color.

After unloading the truck we called it a day and headed home.

In the evening we watched YouTube videos and finished up the first season of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. We had another long day and now it's time to rest up for tomorrow.  

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